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MW-03 Silver Wolf

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Experience the fusion of strength, elegance, and technology with the new MW-03 Titanium watch case + PVD coating, for the Apple Watch ULTRA. This stylish and bold watch case is designed specifically for the urban man who values both fashion and adventure.


Apple Watch Ultra sold separately.


Skin Friendly: Yes

Material: Titanium grade 2

Protective Coating: DLC

Finish: Brushed satin

Interchangeable links: Yes

Buckle type: magnetic

Recyclable: 100%

Average wrist diameter

6 >> 6" / 152 mm

7 >> 7" / 177 mm

8 >> 8" / 203 mm

9 >> 9" / 228 mm

A MW-03 bracelet assembled to the size you ordered it + one additional link + screwdriver.

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This isn't just a stylish upgrade; it's a robust and lightweight watch case crafted to outlast and outperform.

It's the perfect companion for an urbanite navigating city life or an adventurer embracing the wild.


Assembling the MW-02 watch is easy and fast via a 6 point screws secured crown.


The two buckle links come with powerfull N52 Neodymium Magnets to secure the watch safely around your wrist and take it off in a second.

>> Ti-02 + PVD

Its corrosion and high-temperature resistance properties make it perfect for both everyday wear and demanding conditions. Each component is individually coated with a PVD finish to provide added protection from scratches.

Whether you're an executive hustling through city streets or an adventurer braving the wild, this watch case can keep pace with your lifestyle.


We designed the MW-03 to be a self-adjustable band. Every link of the band comes with its own set of screws, allowing you to adjust the fit as needed.

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