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About us

Live an unapologetic lifestyle. Go big or go home. 

From snowflakes to cancel culture and beyond, the identity and purpose of men have come into question.  Exonaute exists for the strong, high-performing, confident, modern man who seems to have taken a backseat in recent years. 

From the brainchild of industrial designer Alex Vitet, Exonaute represents his personal mission to ignite and empower masculine transformation through wearable design. 

Exonaute is proudly owned and operated in the USA.


>> Awards:

TWICE VIP awards 2023: winner accessories

MUSE awards 2023 - Gold

ADC Awards 2022, Gold 

Iluxury Awards 2022, Gold 

Architecture Masterprize 2019 - Gold

MUSE awards 2019 - Platinum 

EPDA 2019, Gold

IDA 2018 - Bronze 

IDA 2014 - Silver 

IDA 2013 - Silver



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