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About us

Explore. Don’t conform.

At Exonaute, we are on a quest to elevate style.

Created from the lifestyle vision of French-American designer Alex Vitet, Exonaute is an avant-garde streetwear brand. Inspired by longtime interests in Manga art, sci-fi and exploration, we design innovative, unique products heavily influenced by cross-training, video game culture and architecture.  Always seeking the unconventional, our goal is to create high quality products which are both functional as well as a work of art.



ADC Awards 2022, Gold 

Iluxury Awards 2022, Gold 

Architecture Masterprize 2019 - Gold

MUSE awards 2019 - Platinum 

EPDA 2019, Gold

IDA 2018 - Bronze 

IDA 2014 - Silver 

IDA 2013 - Silver