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MANTRA B-01 Titanium

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Fuel your ambition with our transformative Mantra Bracelet, specially curated for the progressive man ready to ascend to new heights. This is not just a piece of jewelry. It's an empowering tool, a symbol of audacity and resilience. One link carries a powerful mantra, resonating with the dynamism of renowned achievers and trailblazers.

Embrace a daily practice of reciting these mantras. Watch as they open gateways to a mindset brimming with power, fostering a laser-like focus on your objectives. Empower your thoughts, amplify your clarity, and lock in your goals.

MANTRA-1: Believe. Build. Become. / Dream. Dare. Do.

MANTRA-2: Create. Conquer. Celebrate. / Plan. Persist. Prosper.

MANTRA-3: Invent. Ignite. Impact. / Explore. Evolve. Elevate.

MANTRA-4: Dream. Design. Dominate. / Embrace. Empower. Excel.

Designed in: USA

Designer: Alex Vitet

Warranty: Lifetime

Material: Titanium / Stainless steel (screws)

Wrist circumference

XS >> 6" / 152 mm

S >> 6.5" / 165 mm

M >> 7" / 177 mm

L >> 7.5" / 190 mm

XL >> 8" / 203 mm

2XL >> 9" / 228 mm

3XL >> 10" / 254 mm

A Mantra B-01 bracelet assembled to the size you ordered it + an additional link to adjust the size if needed.

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